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Therapy Pool will only be allowing 2 people in the pool at one time. We will be bringing back family times for families to swim as well. this is 1 family in the pool at a time and must not exceed 4 people. We understand these changes will effect people and their swimming as well as their schedules. We apologize and appreciate you working with us so we can continue to offer this service to the community.   

Therapy Pool Schedule Jan 25th - 31st 

Therapy Pool Schedule Feb 1st - Feb 7th 

Current Members Please Check Signup Genius for Available Swim Times. 

Family Swim vs Single Slots in Therapy Pool

SINGLE SWIM SLOTS are reserved for one person only. No child or spouse is permitted to swim unless they reserve their own slot. Exceptions to the rule are followed:

  • A child is under the age 3 and will accompany the parent in the water the entire time. This means they are not swimming on their own or from the wall to parent. They must remain in the parents arms the entire time they are in the water.
  • Special needs assistance. A person in need of assistance is allowed to have an aid with them in the water. Following the aid remains with them the entire time and is either holding or at their side for the duration of the swim.

FAMILY SWIM SLOTS: Family swim slots are reserved for a family no more than 5 people. If their family size is larger they need to contact the center and speak to a manager. At this time we cannot accommodate anything larger so they could split up or only a few come swimming at a time. Also family swim time will be restricted to minimum 1 adult and 1 child (6 months - 17years). This is to better allow families the opportunity to register for swim times. 

We look forward to providing increased pool access to you!

Beginning Monday, September 28th three members will be allowed reservations in the Therapy Pool at a time. This allows us to reach more members and open more swim times. This update follows all guidelines set forth by the state and by local health officials. 
To assist you in exercising caution and social distance, signups will specify your location in the pool.
A reminder:
If you cannot make it to your scheduled swim time, please alert us in a timely manner so we may open that spot up to others. Feel free to go online and cancel your reservation through the SUG website as well.

During our Phase 3 opening we will Be using SignUp Genius for reservations.

There is no pool schedule permitting drop in times; however, the allotted swim times will be posted as well as what is permitted during that slot.

The reservation system will show you what times are available on which day. We will release the schedule on Fridays weekly for reservations. Contact us if you have any further questions.  

Time blocks are 1 hr. This includes  a quick rinse utilizing the Shower & Change Room before you enter the pool, 45 min swim time, and a shower and change after your swim.

You will only have a 45 min swimming window. Guards will ask you to exit the pool 10 min before the end of your swim time, no matter if you use the “Rinse &  Change Room” after you swim or not. 

Program information, cancellations (including weather cancellations), and a schedule of evening or weekend events are available on a daily recorded voice-mail system by calling 860.429.3015 extension 4

Links to Additional Schedules:

Click here for our facility hours.