Bicentennial Pond

This pond was created for the 1976 bicentennial. It is the site of recreational activities, including summer swimming, picnicking, and the Parks & Recreation led "Camp Mansfield" summer day camp. If you would like to use the pavilion space at BCP. Please fill out our request form and submit it to the office for approval. 

Free Attractions at Bicentennial Pond: Open Dawn to Dusk

Fishing Access (Must have fishing license)

Hiking trails 

Playground BCP Playground 3

Bicentennial Pond: Summer 2021: Swimming Fees & Hoursbcpbeach

Summer 2021 Swimming Season @ the Pond:

June 26th (Opening Day) - Aug 22nd (Closing Day)

Swimming FEES

Daily Fees: The Town of Mansfield has voted to waive fees from Bicentennial Pond for the Summer 2021 Season.

Season Passes: Proof of Residency Required: Residents can receive a resident pass when they come to the pond and show proof of residency.

Swimming Hours:

Monday - Friday: Noon-7:00 pm

RESIDENTS ONLY: Mon - Fri: Noon - 3:30pm (During Camp Mansfield Hours)

RESIDENTS & NON-RESIDENTS: Mon - Fri: 3:30pm -7pm

S/SN/Holiday, Noon - 6:00 pm: Residents & Non-Residents.

BATHROOM HOUSE: Monday - Friday 7am - 3:30pm. The bath house is closed to the public for camp use only. There are porta potties available to the public during this time.


Friday Aug., 20th 


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Bring a picnic and enjoy time by the pond. Hang with your neighbors and friends and have fun.

Enjoy swim time, or walk a trail. 

Playground available 

15th Annual Mansfield Triathlon

This year Mansfield Park & Recreation will be a sponsor for the Kids Who Tri Succeed Triathlon. The children will Swim, Bike and Run.

Location: Mansfield Middle School and Bicentennial Pond. 

Date: Aug., 21st,  2021

Ages: 4-14

For more information: CLICK LINK