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MFD patchThe Town of Mansfield, located in the northeast hills of Connecticut, is home to approximately 23,000 people. Located within its boundaries is Storrs, home of the University of Connecticut. The Mansfield Fire Department consists of 3 fire stations to cover 45 square miles of mixed urban and rural developments. We are a combination department, employing 20+ full time and part time firefighter/EMT’s, and supported by an additional volunteer staff of men and women dedicated to serving their community. While the department was officially founded in 2005, we are the final combination of the Eagleville Fire Department and the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Company which have been serving the community since the 1930’s.

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Ted is a 57 year old Captain with the Mansfield Fire Department, he has been in the fire service with Mansfield for 39 years. Ted has been battling an autoimmune liver disease called Primary Biliary Cholangitis for a number of years which has resulted in cirrhosis, causing him to need a liver transplant. Efforts are underway to spread the word and try to find Ted a living liver donor. Although a living donor’s medical costs will be covered by Ted’s medical insurance, we are trying to raise money to help assist his donor with other costs, including travel, time out of work, etc. Any funds left after that will go to help Ted and his family with any expenses they may incur, the final remaining funds will be donated to liver research. All proceeds from sales of these shirts will go toward these costs. 

Thank you for your support, we are all in this fight together with our brother Ted! Ted Morrissette Profile

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