Food Programs

The Town of Mansfield works in collaboration with other faith based as well as non profit organizations to assist individuals and families who have food insecurities.

  1. Mobile FoodShare
  2. Food Bank
  3. Turkey Sign up
  4. SNAP
  5. TEFAP

UPDATE - We will be following a Grab-n-Go process for this distribution.

The Grab-n-Go distribution system will work as follows:

At arrival each Mobile guest can receive a number from the front office window. Please wait by your vehicle for your number to be called. Please practice Social Distancing away from other Mobile guests. There is NO need for a line to form.

Mobile Foodshare guests will then be called to approach the tables ONE AT A TIME, grab a bag from each table (one from the left of the truck and one from the right). NO guests will be circling the truck or directly picking up food.

All bags are the same and no there will be no exchange of any items.


Mobile Foodshare is a pantry-on-wheels bringing fresh produce and other food to our neighbors in need. The program increases access to healthy food and nutrition. The mobile food truck distributes food at 303 Maple Road every other Thursdays at 11:30 am. Participants need to bring their own bags the day of distribution.  No sign up is required.

                                                                                     2020 Schedule

January 2, 16 and 30                                February 13 and 27                                     March 12 and 26

April 9 and 23                                            May 7 and 21                                              June 4 and 18

July 2, 16 and 30                                       August 13 and 27                                        September 10 and 24

October 8 and 22                                      November 5 and 19                                             December 3, 17 and  31