Renewing Dog Licenses by Mail

Review the following information and learn how to renew your dog license by mail:

  1. Update information regarding your dog(s) on the lower portion of the renewal letter on the reverse side. Please include any changes in address or phone number. Attach a separate sheet of paper to license additional dogs, and include requested information.
  2. Enclose the following:
    1. A check made payable to Town of Mansfield (include $1 per dog per month penalty, if applicable)
    2. A new rabies certificate, if the expiration date we have in our records has passed
    3. A spaying or neutering certificate unless we already have the dog listed
    4. A self-addressed stamped envelope for the license(s) and certificate(s) to be returned to you
  3. Detach lower portion of the notice we mailed to you and return, with the check and any necessary certificates, certificates will be returned to you.
  4. If the dog is deceased or no longer in your possession, please write this on the form and return it to the address on the reverse side.