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Free Public Internet Access

All of Mansfield’s publicly accessible buildings offer free onsite high-speed Internet access.

Municipal Locations
These sites are public facilities that are open to the community:

•  Mansfield Public Library: 54 Warrenville Rd, Mansfield Center, CT
•  Mansfield Senior Center: 303 Maple Rd, Storrs, CT
•  Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center: 23 Royce Circle, Storrs, CT
•  Mansfield Community Center: 10 South Eagleville Rd, Mansfield, CT
•  Mansfield Town Hall: 4 South Eagleville Road, Mansfield, CT

Municipal facilities include both free public WiFi for “bring your own device” & free public access terminals (Town Hall terminals are limited to municipal permitting and municipal bill pay). The Library, Senior Center, and Community Center also include access to Microsoft Office and printing.

School Locations
Access to these facilities is limited in accordance with school safety guidelines:

•  E.O. Smith High School: 1234 Storrs Rd, Storrs, CT
•  E.O. Smith High School Depot Campus: Depot Rd, Mansfield Depot, CT
•  Mansfield Middle School: 205 Spring Hill Rd, Storrs, CT
•  Annie E. Vinton Elementary School: 306 Stafford Rd, Mansfield Center, CT
•  Southeast Elementary School: 134 Warrenville Road, Mansfield Center, CT
•  Dorothy Goodwin Elementary School: 321 Hunting Lodge Rd, Storrs, CT

The school facilities include free public WiFi for “bring your own device.”  

Click here to view our step-by-step guide for how to access the free WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Is this really free for me?


A: Yes!


Q: What areas are included in the wireless coverage?


A: Almost all indoor areas of the Mansfield Senior Center, Public Library, Nash Zimmer Transportation Center, Town Hall, and the Community Center are included. Additionally, most of the surrounding outdoor grounds of the Public Library, Community Center, and Town Hall are also included.


Q: Am I guaranteed privacy when using public wireless Internet?


A: No. Wireless connections are less secure than wired connections. You are advised not to use wireless to transmit confidential information such as unencrypted passwords, credit card numbers, financial records, or any other personal, private, or sensitive information. We do not provide encryption. 


Q: Does your Internet connection protect me from viruses?


A: No. While the Internet is a wonderful resource, there are some people who use it for malicious purposes to spread viruses, spyware, and malware. We highly recommend that you run anti-virus and security software on your device and keep your software up-to-date to reduce your risk. 


Q: Do you use content filtering software?


A: The connection at the Public Library is unfiltered because it is a research site, while the connections at the Community Center, Senior Center, and Town Hall have some content filtering (we have content filtering that attempts to block websites that are likely to be inappropriate for general use in a public setting and by multiple age groups, but some inappropriate content will still get through so we advise you to be selective in the information that you access). Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring access by their children using the wireless network. 


Q: Is wireless technology a health risk?


A: We are not aware of definitive studies that have found wireless Internet access to pose a health risk, but users are advised to make their own health decisions and to discontinue use if they feel it is a risk. 


Q: Can I use the public wireless Internet for whatever I want?


A: Wireless users are individually responsible for adhering to Federal, state, and local regulations, laws, and copyright. We may refuse wireless access to users who violate laws, regulations, the acceptable use text, or to any users’ whose activity disrupts the wireless network or is an inappropriate behavior in this facility or its grounds. We are not liable for misuse of the wireless connection. 


Q: Is the wireless Internet connection guaranteed to work?


A: We are proud to provide a reliable wireless network, but we can not guarantee that it will work with all equipment and there may be unexpected outage times. We apologize for any inconvenience.