PK-4 Teacher Resources for

SmartNotebook 11







Smart Technologies has upgraded their Smartnotebook software to version 11. SmartNotebook is the software that you can use to create interactive lessons. The SmartNotebook 11 upgrade has several important new features for teachers. We will be rolling out the upgrade across the PK-4 schools in the spring of 2013. It will certainly change the look of your SmartNotebook software. All of the old features are there, just re-arranged a bit plus the new features.

This resource page was created so that teachers could become familiar with some of the new features before the roll out hits full force. You can use the resources here for self-study, or review. There will also be overview sessions scheduled in your building. We have broken down the five main changes and provided several short videos we found on YouTube for you to watch that highlight the changes in each. There is also one longer video that does them all in one 30 minute sitting.  

Here are some non-video links and other PDF and online resources:

1) Smart Exchange - Smart's Teacher support group. You can find all sorts of lessons here.

You will have to create a free account to join but it it is well worth it.

2) EASTCONN Smart User Group - EASTCONN Region's support wiki for area teachers.

3) New Features Guide to SmartNotebook 11(PDF)

4) The Complete Guide to SmartNotebook 11 for Windows (PDF)


We want to acknowledge and thank the work of so many of our fellow teachers who took the time to make these instructional videos and posted them on You Tube so that we can use them with our staff. Thans to - TEQ, Robert Rocha and the El Paso Independent School District, MikesTechCloset, MsTechieTeacher, teachertrainer, Danny Nicholson, and the staff at Smart Tech.


A) Overview: If you like your information in one session, this is the video for you. This webinar from TEQ gives a complete rundown of all the features we have broken out with the shorter videos below. Don't let the time stamp fool you. It says it is over an hour but there is something wrong with their upload. The actual presentation is just the first 30 minutes. So, if you like bite sized, look below. If you like one big gulp, try this one. (30 mins)





  B) Toolbar Changes - The Toolbars in SmartNotebook 11 have been redesigned. The videos below talk about the changes. Each video delivers the information slightly differently, so you might want to look at both of them.

1)  The video below is a nice overview that explains the new terminology that Smart is using for the Toolbar. (5:00 mins)

2) The video below is slightly longer but also talks about the new tools . There is a nice piece at the 7 minute mark about how the new pen tools work with the fill tool. (9:20 mins)






C) The Activity Builder - The Activity Builder is perhaps the most exciting change in SmartNotebook 11. The Activity Builder allows you to create interactive lessons. The videos below walk you through examples both simple and complex. They also have some elementary content and some upper grade examples.

3) This video is a good general overview of how the builder works. (5:15 mins)

 4) This video features a good example for upper grades. (4:39 mins)



 5) This video features a good elementary example. (5:45 mins)

6) Another example that uses elementary level content.  (7:40 mins)



D) The Internet Browser - Smartnotebook 11 allows you to insert a web page directly into a SmartNotebook page. No longer do you have to insert a link and then jump out to a browser. You can bring the page right inside the lesson.


7) This video is from the El Paso Independent School District and does a good job of explaing how to make this feature work. (9:37 mins)


8) This video is shorter but shows an upper grade example. (4:04 mins)



E) Widgets, The Gallery 2.0 BETA and Click to Reveal - The videos below explore a couple of advanced techniques that you might find useful in building your lessons.

 9) Adding a Voki Widget.  Smart has designed SmartNotebook 11 to accept third party add ons called widgets. This app like programs can be added to the page. So far the only third party Widget that is has been available is the  popular Voki Avatar app. The video shows how you can add a Voki to a page.(1:11 min)


10) This video describes the new SmartNotebook Gallery 2.0. The Gallery 2.0 has more ways to filter and sort through external content. It will NOT be part of the SmartNotebook 11 update  we will do in you classroom, as it is still in beta. If you want to try it send in a Tech Ticket and we will add it to your classroom computer. The beginning part of the video talks about how you can get the download, (which we will do for you) and the latter half talks about how it works. (8:40 mins).


11) This last video is not embedded, but a link to a Smart Tech Training Video
that describes a technique you can build into you lessons called - 
"Click to Reveal"