School Bus Transportation

Bus Route Information
Visit our School Bus Route Information Document to see the routes and times for all school buses for all schools for 2016-2017.

Safe Stop Bus Tracking App Coming Soon!
Shortly after school begins, parents will receive information about Safe Stop, a digital app that can be accessed from a mobile device or a computer to track their child’s bus. This secure app allows a parent or caregiver to see the location of the bus in real time and after a few weeks, will also provide estimated arrival time at your stop. The information is provided as part of the existing school bus GPS equipment and is free for students and custodial parents with no advertising. Support will be provided at each school’s open house to assist parents with downloading and setting up the app.

School Bus Transportation
The Mansfield Public Schools uses school buses to transport students to and from school.  Buses are owned and operated by M&J Bus Inc.  Questions regarding your child's bus route should be directed to your child's school office.  In the event that you need to reach the bus company dispatch, please call the Mansfield Division of M&J Bus at (860) 429-2040.

Bus routes are determined by M&J Bus and are approved by the Superintendent.  Please note that in the first few weeks of the school year, bus routes are potentially subject to more frequent changes.