“We have good times, we have good friends, we have good will, we have Goodwin.”

-Alma Mater


As Goodwin’s newest member, I fully stepped into this circle and community at our first whole-school assembly.  As the music started to play, students immediately embraced each other and swayed while singing our Alma Mater.  It was a powerful moment that spoke volumes of our pride, traditions, and inclusive family.  In unison, we loudly proclaimed and affirmed in verse that there is “good will and good friends” at Goodwin Elementary School.


The Goodwin Song



We have good times, we have good friends,

We have good will, we have Goodwin.

We have good times, we have good friends,

We have good will, we have Goodwin.


Trestle Trees and days of art,

Reading books that make us smart,

Water sliding, Fun Fairing

Singing, writing, sharing!


Bear Buddies, social studies, science, math, L.A.,

Make us want to learn more every day.

Concerts, Español dancing in our socks,

Make the year rush by so fast we’d like to stop the clocks!


A happy mix of teachers, families, girls and boys,

Our diff’rent voices harmonize with laughter, love, and joy.

More valued than a precious jewel, Goodwin glitters true;

A whale of a school, we’ll always be shining for you!



This summer, staff worked on re-setting our expectations and practices to ensure that we continue to best support our students and families.  New this year is that we are teaching our expectations so that they are clear, consistent, and appropriate.  Every morning we start our day with announcements that close with a calling:  Goodwin Whales RISE as we Respect Ideas and individuals, Safety, and our Environment.  Students are learning specific behaviors that help demonstrate RISE in the lunch rooms, playgrounds, hallways, and classrooms. As you visit this website and our campus, my hope is that you, too, find good will and good friends that are respectful.