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Usernames/Passwords for RAZ Kids: kamienskise, click on student name. 


All student sign in's are with student last name with first initial 23 (  Passwords are student birthdays (month day and full year).  Students can get to our SE school webpage and sign in to Typing Club, RAZ Kids, and Google accounts. Ten Marks has a separate sign in, but usernames/passwords are the same. 

Classroom Links










Figurative Language FUN videos


Story Elements of Fiction

Characters Wiz of Oz


Student Writing Samples by Genre


Figurative Language in Movies

Starfall Reading

Samson's Classroom


Old Homework Page

Homework Page

 Operation Snowman

Measuring Song

by Number Rock

Haunted House Stories 

Math & Spelling Tutorial Games

Multiple Measurement Songs

Number Rock

Story Starters

Continent Video for Students


Working with NOUNS


Phonics FUN  

Nouns & Verbs

Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar

Schoolhouse Videos 

Noun Games



Grade 3 Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop Lessons


Halloween Games


Expository Writing LEADS 

LA Sentence & Structure Work 

Verb Concentration



Verb Balloons 

Grammar Blast Grade 2 

Phonics FUN


Adjectives (Describing Words)


Adjective Word Search 

English/Grammar Topics


Continents & Oceans Song

Continent Facts/Languages

Continent Facts Song

Fascinating Facts about Continents

Compass Directions

Science Kids Site - Countries

Learning Sentences


Sentences TRAPPED


If the World Were a Village

of 100 People

Martin Luther King Jr

CC Cool Math

Math Practice Fun


Sentence Structure Games



 Amelia Earhart mini-biography


 Famous Inventors

Soccer Players



Obama Biography video

Obama min-biography Video





Movie Partly Cloudy using Inference

Tour of the World Video & Song

Tour of the U.S. Capitols Video Song

The Greedy Triangle Story


Read Aloud plus other SHAPES fun

"I am a Parallelogram" and other fun shape songs

Shape Name Rap

Fun Alien Math 

Alien Rounding 

Crocodile Rounding Game

ALL MATH Games Grade 2


Debate Game for Kids

Time for Kids Debate Topic

More TFK Debates

Kid vs. Kid Debate 


Persuasive Writing How-to video

School Year Debate Sites

Legislator Study


 Pros and Cons

Graphs and Facts

World Facts

Keep Summers Free


Opinion How-to Video

Opinion Writing Steps


YouTube How to Prepare for Debate

YouTube Kids School Uniform Debate

YouTube Cat vs. Dog Debate

Dog VS Cat sites

How to Write your Opinion


St. Patrick's Day Fun Games 


Equivalent Fraction Fun

 Fun Practice with Area & Perimeter

Mrs.Postan's 3rd Grade Page


Area & Perimeter Games

Fun Song


Volume Vs. Weight


Mass vs. Weight Song

Groundhog Videos

Note-taking Practice

Groundhog Video

CBS News Video



Sloth Rock Video


Live Eagle Cam

Washington, D.C.




Rocket ship Race Song

Hey Now Kids 2 - 5 - 10

Math is Fun (Skip counting)

Math FUN Practice All Skills 

 Interactive Contraction Practice


Contraction Rap



Fire Safety Activities


Math Fact FUN



Water Cycle Song

Water Cycle Rap


The Water Cycle       Vocabulary


Pictures of U.S. Coins

Learning Coins 


Math Games - $ Time Measurement

Money Bingo

Fun with Words & Grammar

Plurals, Proper nouns, etc. 

 Animal Senses

Video Clip


 Exploring our Senses

Activities for Parents

 Amazing Animal Senses



Second Grade Geometry & Fraction Fun



Life Cycle of Chicks


From Egg to Chicken



Caterpillar Life Cycle



Butterfly Life Cycle

Time Lapse


Tens Frames for PARENTS


Tens Frame Games



Tens Frames Practice


Tens Frames Explanation

(For Parents)



Contraction Games



Practicing Idioms - Games



Cause & Effect lesson with book


All About Neighborhoods 


Discovery Streaming

 Read Aloud Story

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Cause & Effect Quiz 


Hundreds Grids


Animal Life Cycles


 Mattha Speaks Site Tour

PBS Kids 

Martha Speaks Games, 
Stories, Activities 


 Martha Speaks
Dog Background



Iditarod Dogs


Police Dogs



Guide Dogs


Pictures of Dogs 



Martha Speaks - Episode 1


Topic Sentence Fun


Topic Sentence Powerpoint


Topic Sentence Examples

Free Downloads for Kids to Practice 

 That's a Fact

Math Practice

Add-A-Fact Tiles

Subtract-a-Fact Tiles 

CMT Practice Page

Time Match


Money Match 


Olympic Games


Olympic Kid                Activities



Telling Time Practice 


Multi-Math Practice by Grade 

Fraction Match 


States in the U.S.A.


National Geographic People, Places, & Animals



National Geographic for Kids 


Map Game Countries



Communities Around the World


Discovery Streaming


Interactive Global Map


Discovery Atlas


Making Change 


Space Math Facts Game 


Piggy Bank Math 

 Time Travel


Practice Telling Time 

Computation Facts Practice 

Grade 3

Math Fact Games 

& Worksheets


Cause & Effect Matching Game 


Cause & Effect Game 



Stop the Clock

 Game 2  game 3  Game 4  Game 5 


Measure It    

Connecticut for Kids


 Summer Math Fun


Old Grade 3 Page Math & LA  Measuring Fish     


Fish Measure Up






Subject & Predicate video

Sentence Fragments




Dancemat Typing



Scholastic News Online 

African Safari Cameras Live 


 Schoolhouse Rock




A First Look at Simple Machines


Countries Around the World Link 

Simile Practice




Life Cycle Videos 


Baby Chicks Hatching



wild bird nests live




Great Dane Puppies Site

live animal websites with video 



 Stone Soup PPT

Interactive Global Map


International Map


Run on Sentences


CBAS Writing Site



Bald Eagle Information



Point of View PPT 


 Ms. K's Photo Gallery