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Grade 2 Family Welcome

 Grade 2 Unit 1 Overview

Grade 2 Unit 2 Overview

Grade 2 Unit 3 Overview

Grade 2 Unit 4 Overview

Grade 2 Unit 5 Overview

Grade 2 Unit 6 Overview

Unit 1 Bridges


Save the Whale

Catch Ten

Count Us In

How Many Under the Shell

Jet Ski Addition

Math Lines

Speed Grid Addition

Bridge Doubles

Dinosaur Dentist

Speed Grid Subtraction

Sum Sense

Sum Sense Subtraction

    Unit 2 Bridges

Base Ten

Shark Numbers Base Ten

Shark Pool Place Value

Deep Sea Dual

Dinosaur Train Measuring

Catapult Count On

Techno Tortoise

Odd or Even

Counting by Two's


Unit 3 Bridges

Number Line Games

Techno Tortoise Number Lines

Whack-A-Mole Numbers

Catapult Count on

Fridge Magnets Adding Two Digit Numbers

Fridge Magnets Subtracting


Unit 4 Bridges
Unit 5 Bridges  Fruit Splat

Fish Measure Up

Hour of CODE

That's a Fact

Ten Marks

More Math Fun 

Measurement Practice

Comparing Line Lengths

Language Arts 

Using the Dictionary

Turtle Game


  Fun with Plurals    Dr. Seuss Activities  










 Animal Facts for Kids  A-Z Animals 

Enchanted Learning

Ranger Rick 

 Animal Fact Guide 


Science for Kids – Animal Facts 


Roller Coaster Game
Simple Machines  Mega Marble Mazes  

Social Studies

Kid Friendly Sites about Countries
Scholastic Thanksgiving 





Other Learning Links

National Geographic for Kids

Room Recess

Jack and the Beanstalk



PBS Kids Site