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We look forwarding to "talking" with you - whether it is through the mail, phone, voicemail, fax, e-mail, web, or even in person!
Southeast Elementary School
134 Warrenville Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06250-1229
Telephone 860.423.1611 (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM weekdays)
Fax 860.423.0610
Staff Voicemail: 860.423.2793

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Phone Numbers for Specific Needs:
  • To report a student absence due to illness: 860.423.2793
  • To report a move or transfer of records: 860.423.1611
  • To contact the bus company dispatcher: 860.429.1225
  • For information about Mansfield Public Schools: 860.429.3350
  • For information about Special Education: 860.429.3353
  • For information about Mansfield Youth Services: 860.429.3317
  • For information about Mansfield Social Services: 860.429.3315