Science in 5th grade covers several health and safety units, including fire safety, head lice, ticks and Lyme disease, and health risks associated with smoking. In addition, students can affect their learning by following healthy nutrition, sleep, and exercise habits. We will access many of these sites during class:

Head Lice & Lyme Disease:

Lyme Disease

National Geo on ticks

Dangerous Deer Ticks

How do ticks become infected with Lyme disease?

Lice from

Lice Aren't So Nice

Hey! A Louse Bit Me!

Hey! A Tick Bit Me!

Head Lice Treatment

From Head Lice to Dead Lice I

From Head Lice to Dead Lice II


Your lungs and respiratory system

Smoking stinks

Secrets in a cigarette

Common Health Issues:


Kids Health/germs

Health Games & Quizzes

Kids Health/Nervous System

How does a virus enter your body?

Teen brains

How to keep yourself healthy


Nutrition: USDA nutrition site

Better Grades

Case Studies

Chocolate Milk & Recovery

Hungry Planet

Iron Intake in Teen Years

History of Nutrition

Nutrition Cafe

Servings to print

Serving Size Game

Portion Size

Food Labels

Eating Disorders

Sugar from


Sleep & Weight

Sleep Deprivation

Teen Brain & Sleep

Sleep from


Evolved to run

Exercise from scienceforkids

·        Science, Tobacco and You unit

·        The Children’s Museum (formerly the Connecticut Science Center of CT) field trip

·        Electrical and Fire Safety Guest Speakers (CL&P) 

·        Science Sleuths Video Discovery

·        Guest Speakers on various science topics  

·        Science Enrichment with an enrichment teacher (room 202) or after school