Mr. Burnham's Grade 6 Math:

Math Plus students: Please log into your school Google account and use this link to access the CPM online textbook:

CPM Parent Guide (contains extra practice problems and answers):


Rounding Decimals:


Order of Operations:


Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators:


Area Decomposer:


Rounding Decimals Video:


Rounding online practice:

Online Math Practice:  


"Play Kids Games" (Math facts practice)


"Sumdog" (Free games to make math fun)

This website challenges students to practice different math skills while earning rewards to purchase items for their avatar.


"Assistments" (Allows students to complete questions on focused, assigned content. Mastery is determined as students complete 3 or more correct problems in a row. There are hints that can be given to help students if they are unsure.)


"Pan Balance" (Incorporates algebra concepts)



helpful links to other Grade 6 content:   


Oceans and Continents Practice

World Geography Counties & Capitals Practice 

Geography Dictionary

CIA World Factbook

Two Easy Ways to Create a Citation Page:

Climate Data:

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