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Medieval Links

Overview Sites

Middle Ages Easily the Best Site on the Internet for Middle Ages. Includes topics of Feudal life, Religion, Homes, Clothing, Health, Arts and Entertainment, and town life. Has many small interactive sections.

Medieval Fiefdom This site has great information about a Fiefdom and the people that live there.

Internet Medieval sourcebook A wealth of Information on numerous topics from the fall of Rome to the Reformation. If you can't find something about the middle ages look here.

History of Western Civilization – a college course with a series of lectures on various topics.

Castles, Sieges, Knights, and Combat

Nova: Medieval Siege Life in a Castle, an overview of siege technology and a castle wrecking game make up this site.

Castle Learning Center Everything you wanted to know about Castles and the people who lived in them.

Battle of Hastings Great Information about this pivotal battle as well as what came before and after. William the Conqueror information here as well.

Medieval Warfare Everything you need to know about castles and how to defeat them as well.

Code of Chivalry  Information on the code and conduct of knights.

Art, Architecture, and Heraldry

Cupola's Medieval Architecture This site has many pictures of buildings originally constructed in the Middle Ages.

Bayeux Tapestry Takes a while to load but has great images and tells all about what it depicts.

Organs – explains the structure and history of pipe organs.

Food and Fun

A Boke of Gode Cookery Lots of recipes from the Middle Ages written in or translated into modern recipes.

Medieval Games List of games with rules and pictures on how they are played.


Food for Lords and Peasants 

Technology and Science

Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages Also has a interesting link to mythical and real fishes described in the Middle Ages.

Technology - Technology of the medieval times

Medieval Technology - Technology


History of Costume – Pictures from different time periods

Clothing - Description of dress in Medieval times

Clothing - A description on how people dressed

Women's Clothing - How women dressed

CATALOGS – We have no idea if these places are any good, but they may give you some ideas!
Fun ‘n Folly catalog
Red Dawn Simplicity
Red Dawn McCalls


Robin Hood Has lots of information about both the Legend and the Real Robin Hood.

The Robin Hood Project – more information on Robin Hood

The Camelot Project – Arthurian legends and information

The Journal of Arthurian Studies – basic and not-so-basic information about the legends of King Arthur

Richard The Lionhearted and the Crusades This site has a good overview of Richard's life as well as many sections covering other topics on the Crusades.