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Grade 8 Math

Jennie ElShakhs

Mansfield Middle School

205 Spring Hill Rd.
Mansfield, CT 06268

Phone: (860) 429-9341 Ext. 310
Fax: (860) 429-1020


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2015 Hour of Code!        
 Intro Video

Anybody Can Learn Video

(1 min)


 What Most Schools Don't

Teach  (5 min)







Girls' Robotics Camp 2015 Links and Resources

Engineering and Technology Resources:

What is Engineering Website

Includes information about all

different types of engineers! - introductory

programming activities 

for all ages!

YouTube What is Engineering Video

see how engineers affect all parts of 

your life in this 5 minute video!

PhET fun Java Simulations!

Greatest Engineering Achievements

of the 20th Century

Code Combat ...



 KASET at UConn - great summer programs

Excursions in Learning

Summer enrichment at 

Manchester Community College

Khan Academy - Math,

Science, Programming

All free and fun at home

iD Tech Camps

iD Tech Alexa Cafe

Emagination Computer Camp

Junior Discovery Middle School Enrichment

Math Internet Resources

 CC3 e-book login 

Geometry Condensed


Discovering Geometry

Parent Guide

Quia - sign into your

class and practice skills!


CC3 Homework Help


Discovering Geometry full

older edition

Geometry online activities

McDougal Littel

 Quia Class Codes  

Geometry 3D shapes







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