Mansfield Middle School

History Day
March 3, 2018

Technology Requirements


Privately Owned Laptop Computers

- Privately owned equipment may not be attached to Mansfield Middle School’s network, SMART Boards, computers etc. 


Mansfield Middle School predominately uses Windows Computers. Mac Computers are not available.

School-provided Equipment

Each presentation classroom is equipped with a late-model, Windows-based computer (w/DVD drive) connected to a SMART Board (also suitable as a projection screen), LCD projector, audio speakers, DVD/VCR player.



Videos can be played in most standard formats. DVD Movies must be saved in a final media format.

 The following operating systems/applications are loaded on the computers that will be provided in the presentation classrooms.

    a.     Microsoft Windows 7/10 Pro/Education

    b.    Microsoft Office 2010/2016 (Projects completed in any Microsoft Office format (PC) can be converted to work with our software. All formatting may not be preserved.)

    c.    Internet Explorer

    d.   Google Chrome

    e.   VLC Media Player.

DVDs, Flash/Thumb Drives, CD-ROMS

Files may be loaded onto school computers via these devices.
These files should be removed upon
completion of a presentation .

Files downloaded from Email or Internet sources

Files may be downloaded from email or Internet sources, strictly, with permission from the Mansfield Middle School IT Department.

Arrangements should be made in advance of any presentation in order to allow adequate time for downloading and file testing.

Any file that displays a virus will be rejected. There will be no attempt by the MMS IT staff to remove a virus from infected files.

Students are advised to have a backup in the event their media does not work. For example, put digital media on a CD/DVD and a flash drive in case one fails.  Students should be sure their digital projects will play on a standard Windows operating system, and ask in advance if in doubt.. Mansfield Middle School does not have any special video presentation software available in the presentation classrooms.

Technical Assistance During Presentations

IT support staff will be available to provide assistance. If any problems are encountered, please notify the support staff. They will respond you request as soon as possible. Each presentation room has a telephone and IT support may be called at Ext. 7195.