Mansfield Middle School Technology Education

Mr. Burrington

Mansfield Middle School
205 Spring Hill Rd.
Mansfield, CT 06268

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MMS Technology Education

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Technology Education is hands-on educational experience. It is an exploration of construction, manufacturing, communications, transportation, biotechnology, and power and energy. You will discover, create, solve problems, and construct solutions by using a variety of tools, machines, computer systems, and materials.

Here are some of the lessons and activities we will be doing:

 Grade 5:

        We will learn on basic woodworking skills, using hammers, miterboxes & saws in making a name plate, jump-a-peg game and lollipop tree. We will combine those skills and construct a coin bank of your design.

 Grade 6:

        We will use design and layout tools and recycle a sauce/mason jar in constructing a candy dispenser.  Build and test bridges with balsa timbers. Lastly we will explore different materials such as plastics and form key chains using some various techniques.

 Grade 7:

        We will learn about basic electrical wiring as you plan and construct a table lamp. Next, we will use a solder iron and build a working circuit. Last, we will design blades for a wind generator and test them to make a light bulb illuminate.  

 Grade 8:

        You will be able to express your preference for Related Arts class, and in Technology Education you get choose the projects.  As you learn about using a design brief and specifications you can apply that knowledge to clocks, CO2 cars, Luminaries and other outside projects to name a few. You will get a chance to learn some pre-engineering using AutoCAD program and the laser engraver or 3D printer.