Las Temas - Themes

 La Tarea - Homework

Las Contrasenas


 Password Practice - Match the pictures with the words then write the phrases on the back that match the pictures. 


  El Dia de Independencia en Mexico


Independence Day in Mexico

Reading Packet - Read and highlight important information.

Venn Diagram and Questions - Complete the questions and write a paragraph in Spanish using the Venn Diagram.

Flag Story and Coloring Page - Color in the flag and answer the questions at the bottom.  Then use the word bank to fill in the missing words from the story. 

El Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead

Actividades Packet - Follow directions on each page.

Clothing Flip Chart - Practice your clothing vocabulary

Color Agreement Paper - Practice using the correct endings on the color words to describe each item of clothing.

Day of the Dead Reading Packet - Read and highlight important information.           

Day of the Dead Question for Reading Packet - After reading the packet answer the question.  Please support your answer with details from the text.

Day of the Dead Questions and Venn Diagram - Answer the questions and then write a paragraph using the Venn Diagram in Spanish.

Day of the Dead Questions for Video - Answer the questions as you watch the video.

Calaca PBA (Assessment) - Click here if you lost your rubric.

Calaca PBA - Written Portion / Oral Portion - Complete for both the oral and written portions of this project.

Calaca Interview - Practice asking and answering these questions. 

Permission Slip for Pan de Muertos - You must have this in order to sample the bread and chocolate.

Donde se habla espanol?

Where do they speak Spanish? 

Mapping Pages - Practice identifying the continents and Spanish-Speaking countries within those continents.

Bandera Pages - See all the Spanish-speaking flags in color and practice identifying the parts of the flag.  Practice asking questions about the flag to determine which flag someone may be thinking of.

¿De dónde eres? - Practice the structure "Soy de" by solving riddles about the flags.  Use this file to help you with all the colors of the flags. 

¿Dónde se habla español? Dialog practice - Practice the dialog we have done in class.

¿Dónde se habla español? Question Practice - Practice asking the questions in the dialog.  Also practice the capitals of some Spanish-speaking countries with our song.

Nuevos Amigos PBA - Click here if you lost your rubric. 

Los Alebrijes

Oaxacan Folk Art of Mexico

Wood Carvings of Oaxaca - Read and Highlight important information.

Questions for Reading - Answer the questions based on the reading.

Los Alebrijes de México - Choose an animal and color it in the alebrije style.

Written Description 1 - Now describe the animal you colored in. Describe 4 parts of the animal with both color words and design words. Use your Color Grid.

Written Description 2 - After you design your alebrije, now describe 5 parts of it.  How will you color it in?

Los Animales de Mexico - Read each description and fill in the blank with the correct animal. 

Los Alebrijes Written Description Rough Draft and Final - Click here for your Rough Draft Paper

Los Alebrijes PBA - Click here if you lost your rubric. 

Los Animales Fantásticos - Extra Credit - Design your own "Fantastic" animal. 


Las Fiestas del Invierno


Winter Holidays

Fiestas del Invierno - Click here for the paper we used during the video.  You can write your paragraph at the end.


La Carta a Mexico

A letter to Mexico

La Carta A Mexico - Click here if you lost your Rough Draft.

La Foto de tu Familia - Here is the family picture document.

Toda la Familia - Here is a list of all the extended family members.

Las Mascotas y la Familia - Here is a list of all the pets and family we discussed in class. 

La Geografia de Mexico

Geography of Mexico

 Vamos para Mexico - Song chart and New Lyrics

Weather Flip Chart - Practice your weather expressions

Rectangulos Sort - Sort the animals and weather

Weather Descriptions - Describe the weather in each picture

Clothing Flip Chart - Practice your clothing words

Armario Sheet - Describe the clothes in your closet.  Make sure your color ending matches your clothing.

Letters from Mexico - After reading your letter from Mexico, answer the questions

Map Comprehension - Answer questions about your town in Mexico.

Vamos a Mexico

Let's go to Mexico


El Aeropuerto

The Airport


El Cinco de Mayo


Las Comidas de Mexico

Mexican Food