Mr. Ramsdell's PE Class    
        First Marking Period   

     5th/6th Grade Classes        





     7th/8th Grade Classes



I want my students to.... 

1.  Develop skills involved with a variety of games/activities.

2.  Learn rules and be able to apply these rules to games/activities.

3.  Increase their level of fitness.

4.  Learn what their potential is and push themselves farther than they ever realized.

5.  Develop strategies that will help themselves socially and feel good emotionally.

6.  Increase their confidence in themselves.

7.  Develop an appreciation for physical activity that will stay for a lifetime.

8.  Understand why physical activity is important and how it affects the body.

9.  Have fun while exercising.

Ropes Challenge

  In 6th grade students have the opportunity to either go to Holiday Hill or stay at MMS to participate in the Ropes Challenge Program. 

                 Effort                     Participation            Try Your Best



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