MMS Ropes Challenge Program




The mission of our program is to develop students' problem solving and communication skills while working in groups to overcome physical and mental obstacles.  Through experiential learning in field games, trust activities, and low and high ropes, each student will have the opportunity to push themselves to the limits of their comfort zone, and slightly beyond in a "challenge by choice" program.  The goal of this program is to increase students' confidence, communication, and problem solving skills as well as their trust in others.


Students will...

 - increase their appreciation and respect for the environment.

 - increase their self-confidence.

 - develop their problem solving and communication skills.

 - increase their enjoyment of physical activity.

 - learn how to use and put on and use all of the Personal Safety Gear (P.S.G.).

 - learn multiple ways to belay.


 Each student will...

 - learn how to perform static and dynamic spotting.

 - learn how to belay, be a stacker, as well as an anchor.

 - belay participants while on the ropes course.

 - learn how to TEAM Belay.

 - learn proper communication to ensure safety for all participants.

 - understand roles during and Australian belay.

 - learn how to use and properly put on all personal safety gear (helmet, harness, carabiners) and be able to inspect other participants' equipment.