When deciding on what activity is appropriate for our group, think G.R.A.B.B.S.S.


Goals -What do we want to complete with our group?

Readiness - Is the group ready for this activity?

Affect -How is the group feeling?

Behavior -What has the group been acting like?

Body -Physically, what is the group capable of?

Stage -What stage of development is the group in?

Setting - Where is the activity taking place?

A G.R.A.B.B.S.S. assessment is the most important tool a facilitator can use to meet the needs of the group physically as well as  mentally. There is not a set curriculum and order of activities in an adventure program.  When planning activities for the day, the facilitator will take several things into account.  The group's goals, ability, behaviors and previous performance, as well as weather help the facilitator develop a specific agenda based on safety and the needs of the group.  These changes are made to ensure that the participants get the most out of their experience at the MMS Adventure Course. 

When a G.R.A.B.B.S.S. assessment is done well the group will....

  •  be safe.
  •  work on individual as well as group goals.
  •  experience success while being challenged.
  •  increase problem solving abilities.
  •  develop trust and communication with others.