Low Elements

These elements are used to help the participants develop their spotting skills, communication, their confidence and build trust in their group to help lead up to experiencing the high elements. 

The Wall


This is a very high level low element that requires mastery of spotting and is closely supervised by facilitators.  The object of this activity is to get all willing participants over the wall safely.  There are many varieties of ways to operate the wall to increase or decrease challenge.  The area under the wall is mulched to give cushion under the participants and the top of the wall is covered by a firehose to help decrease the chance for injury.

 Whale Watch

This element is an entry level element that is meant to help the group work on communication and cooperation to try and accomplish a task.  There are many variations of this activity as well, but the main idea is to try and get your entire group on the platform and balance it. 

 Swinging Log

This element is a middle of the road element that is meant to show participants how difficult balance can be even when low to the ground.  This is a telephone pole hanging from two steel cables, but it is tethered to the tree to limit its movement.This element requires spotters on both sides that are meant to give assistance when needed more than spot.  If the participant loses balance they should just step off.  There are many variations of this activity, as well, including walking forwards, backwards, with eyes closed, or even while another person is on it.

 Nitro Crossing

This element is designed to help develop participants problem solving skills while physically working together to complete a task.  The element includes a swinging rope attached at the top to a pulley on a sagging cable between two trees (this allows for more side to side motion than a fixed point swing).  The participants start behind a rope.  The first task is to get the rope using only what they have on them.  Then they have to try and get everyone across the middle without touching and land on platform across from them.  This would be somewhat easy with a small group so we have three different sized platforms to adjust the level of difficulty.  This element is a group favorite.

 2-Dimensional Spider Web

This element can be used as an early stages spotting and problem solving element or it can be used as a lifting and passing high level spotting element.  This element focusses on not only problem solving techniques but communication and cooperation as well.  The object is to get participants through the web without touching the sides.  There are many variations but lifting and passing participants is the most difficult.

 Pirates Crossing

This element is used to coordinate the use of both feet and hands to traverse across as best as possible.  Near the trees the rope is fairly easy and pretty stable but as you work your way to the middle the ropes become very dynamic and unpredictable.  This activity requires moderate to advanced spotting ability with a number of spotters on each side.  The object is for the participant to get from one side to the other.  This element focuses on developing confidence in yourself, spotting ability, as well as trust in your group.