High Elements

These elements are meant to be culminating experiences after a series of field games, trust activities, and low elements.  They are meant to help challenge participants both mentally and physically while developing trust in their belay team.


 Pamper Pole



This is a thrilling element where you increase your trust in your belay team as well as confidence in your own abilities.  The challenge is climbing up the staples on the telephone pole, attempting  to stand on top of the pole, then leaping for a trapeze bar in front of you.  This element challenges you physically and mentally.

 Flying Squirrel

This element takes a group effort.  It consists of a hauling team on a belay rope that goes up through a pulley attached to a steel cable thirty-five feet in the air and comes down to the participant.  Eight or more participants are hooked on to the hauling side of the belay rope.  When ready the group hauls the participant up as slowly or as quickly as the participant wants.  As an added thrill the participant may run and get hauled up so a swinging effect happens.  This element helps develop teamwork, and communication while providing a thrill ride.

 Tall Ships

This element is more physically than mentally challenging.  The participants start at the bottom and try to climb their way to the platform at the top.  It is called the tall ships based on the wide bottom that comes to a peak at the top (like a ship's sail).  This element is set up to be able to handle two climbers at the same time.  This element is used when the participants have developed good belaying skills and are ready for increased physical challenge.  This element develops communication skills, but mostly focuses on self-confidence.

 Tarzan Slide



This element takes place at the back of the platform where the Tall Ships and the Multi-Element meet.  It is a essentially a rope Zipline.  The main differences between this and a regular Zipline is instead of a pulley there is a double thimble static line that slides on the rope.  Also the participant glides down and lands on their feet at a reasonable speed.  This element was designed to give the climber a thrilling/fast/fun way to get down from the platform instead of just being lowered down.  It is mostly mentally challenging.  This element develops self-confidence in the participant while having a blast.


This element takes place at the top of the Tall Ships net.  Instead of climbing the Tall Ships and coming down, the belay line can be transferred by a facilitator to experience another element.  It is part of the Multi-Element.  It shares both mental and physical challenges.  A series of ropes hang down and those are the only means for staying on the single foot cable.  The object is to traverse from one side to the other.  This element can be modified to allow participants to come from each tree and either meet in the middle, or cross past each other and get to the other side. This element is meant to build confidence and challenge the participant physically.



This element uses the same platforms and cables as the Multivine.  It has interchangeable ropes to make for two elements instead of one.  This element provides both mental and physical challenge equally.  When you look down, all you see is a foot cable and two ropes on the side.  The object is to get from one side to the other without falling.  This element is meant to build self-confidence. 

 2-Line Bridge

This element is part of the Multi-Element. This element provides both mental and physical challenge equally. The element consists of a foot cable and one element rope to hold on to at about head level.  The object is to get from one side to the other without falling. This element can be modified to allow participants to come from each tree and either meet in the middle, or cross past each other and get to the other side.  This element is meant to build self-confidence.

 Tension Traverse

 This is the fourth interchangeable part of the Multi-Element.  This is possibly the most physically and mentally challenging element on the Ropes Course.  The only means for staying on the foot cable is a single rope attached to the tree where the person started.  There is no completing this element, there is just seeing how far you can get before you fall. 

 Inclined Log


This element provides both physical and mental challenge.  It consists of a telephone pole that starts at the end of the Multi-Element and goes up on an incline to the next tree approximately thirty feet away.  The object is to get across the log either crawling or standing.  The biggest challenge is this element provides nothing to hold on to.  This element is meant to build confidence in the climber while giving them a thrill. 


 This element is mostly physically challenging while providing mental challenge at the same time.  It is a series of loops connected to side rails.  The object of this element is to get the participant across and then back to the original platform.  This element has the option of a static or a dynamic belay.  It is meant to challenge even the best of climbers.

 Zap Line

 This element is just like a zip line but you can run and jump off the platform.  The main difference is that the cable does not drape in the middle and you want to reach the platform on the other side.  There is a slightly downward slope to increase success.  If the participant wants a challenge they should try to see how close back to the original platform they can get.  This element uses a static belay while in use but is transferred to a dynamic belay to get the person down.  This element is meant to give a thrill once the participant has confidence in the equipment.

 Climbing Wall


This element is a great place to stay warm and dry when the weather is not being kind.  It is also a great place to instruct on how to belay, be a stacker, as well as an anchor.  The wall is twenty feet high and thirty-two feet wide going over two walls.  There are three climbing stations that allow for maximum learning as well as application.  Two parts of the wall are modified for additional challenge.  This element is meant to help the participants learn about all of the Personal Safety Gear (PSG) as well as build up to additional challenges on the course.


 Zip Line


The Zip Line is meant to be a culminating element that challenges you mentally and physically while developing your trust in your group.  During the forty foot climb up the tree to the platform, the belay team is keeping constant communication to keep the participant calm.  When reaching the platform the faciliator clips him/her directly to the tree, then to the Zip pulley.  Once all instructions are done and everything is clear, the direct clip to the tree is taken off and all there is left to do is lean off the platform and enjoy the ride!!  This is the culminating experience because it stretches the physical and mental capacity of the participant to the limits. 

Giant Swing



The Giant Swing (AKA Screamer) is just a thrill ride.  Two participants climb up a few steps on the ladder and hook in.  Then their group pulls them up with a rope attached to a pulley.  When the participants get to their desired height they let go of the strap and swing away.  For ambitious groups they will be pulled 35 feet off the ground.  This is a very fun intense swing.  This element is meant to push you out of your comfort zone and give you a ride of your life.

Check out this video!! 

Check out this video!!