MMS After School Ropes Challenge Program

This program provides 6th grade students the opportunity to participate in an Adventure Program on the MMS Ropes Course.  The opportunity is offered 2 times a year with one group on Mondays and one group on Tuesdays.  These students start the program after school and runs until 4:10.  Mr. Ramsdell is the certified facilitator developing and running this program.

 Holiday Hill

This program is similar to the MMS Ropes Challenge Program except the 6th grade teachers accompany the students to Holiday Hill and is run by the Holiday Hill facilitators.  This program starts during the A&A time (2:05) and runs until late busses (4:10).  This program is offered 4 times a year.

Achievement and Challenge Camp

This program is designed to the After School Ropes Challenge Program but it is during the summer time and is open to all grades.  The students are divided into two groups (5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade students).  Each group will experience an hour and a half of academics as well as an hour and a half of Ropes Challenge.