Marisa M.

My favorite part of the MMS Ropes Challenge would be the Zip Line because it was very exciting to just climb up the tree and be flying.  I also enjoyed the Multivine because it was challenging to reach each rope.  Lastly I liked being able to be a part of this program because it was super fun.

Andrew C.

The MMS Ropes Challenge was one of the most fun after school activities that I've ever done.  It taught me a lot of ropes skills, and it let me trust other people a lot more than I would have before this activity.

Amara N.

I liked the rope challenge course because it built responsibility, trust and communication.  This after school program made everyone come together and help one another.  The first day we started we were doing trust falls and passing objects, but at the last day we were high in the air on thin ropes and flying down on the zip line.  Everyone trusts each other ten times more now from what we all built up to.  I really enjoyed the experience in the first quarter.

Ellie W.

The Adventure Learning Program is a great activity.  It teaches you teamwork and to trust others.  I love it and wish I could do it forever.


My favorite thing in the ropes course was the zip line.  It was cool to be high up.  First I thought that I would not want to go up but then I started climbing.  I knew I would be safe because I had Mr. Ramsdell, and Pouya.  It felt cool going down it.  It was like a rollercoaster.  That was my favorite thing on the ropes course.  Thanks Mr. Ramsdell, Pouya, and others.

Seth D.

In my opinion, I thought that the MMS Ropes Challenge Program was really fun.  I got to go on an awesome Zip Line that zipped across the field.  I also got to go on the Tension Traverse which was fun.  The best thing about it was trusting people.  What I learned was that Mansfield has really trustworthy kids!