One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 1 – “Bandy is a mutt like me.” 

  • End: page 12– “…she usually mentions ice cream.”

Information for this Section:

  • Louisiana is home to a wide diversity of cultures. Two prominent ethnic groups are Cajun or Creole.
  • Cajun refers to a cross-cultural mix of several ethnic groups who are descendants of a French-speaking group of Acadians from Canada, including French, Spanish, German and Anglo-American.
  • Creoles, refers to people with a mixed French, Spanish, Caribbean, African and/or Indian background.The word Creole comes from the Spanish word "Criollo," which means "one from the colony."
  • The author purposely chooses Miss Trissy to speak with a New Orleans accent to create an authentic character specific to the time and place of the story. See in the activity section below to explore the accents of New Orleans.

Discussions Questions:

    1. Why does Trissy Jackson call Zane mixed? What is the difference between multiracial and mixed race? How do Zane’s own thoughts on the subject fit in with Trissy’s?

    2. On page 3, Zane says, that you “can’t miss someone you didn’t know”. Do you agree? Why?

    3. Zane’s mother is concerned that he should know about his father. Do you think it’s important to know about family members that have passed away?

    4. Why didn’t Trissy want to talk about Zane’s father( pages 11-12)? Can you make any predictions?



  • Look at a map of the states of New Hampshire and Louisiana. How are they alike and how are they different?
  • New Hampshire and Louisiana have a different topography based on their sea level. Use a bowl to show students the visual difference between an area above sea level (turnt he bowl upside down) and an area below sea level (turn the bowl right side up.) Then view this topographical map.
  • New Orleans has a very hot and humid climate. Try this simple experiment on sweating and humidity.
  • Missy Trissy has a very specific New Orleans accent. The reader is introduced to her on page 6 and she speaks very differently then Zane. Click on the link in this document and hear the accents of New Orleans.