One School, One Read                

  • Begin on: Page 13 - "When I was little..."
  • End on:   Page 24 - " in the bus."

Information for this Section:

Facts about Louisiana

Discussion Questions:

  1. On page 14, the author says “the sun would hit you like a hot fist” in New Orleans. 
    What is humidity? What does heat and/or humidity do to the body? Have you ever been to a very hot climate? Can you describe how it felt?  
  2. Why didn’t everyone leave New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina made landfall? There were voluntary evacuation notices and then mandatory evacuation notices.
    (Some things to think about might include economic reasons, health reasons, and pets.)
  3. In this story Zane has trouble connecting with his mom on the phone. How do cell phones work and why might they become disrupted during a natural disaster? Look at this article for some additional information on Katrina cell phone disruption.