One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 25 – “An hour later we're…”
  • End: page 36 – “...the wind begins to scream.”

Information for this Section:

  • What is contraflow? Contraflow is when vehicles travel in the opposite direction of a lane's normal traffic flow. This occurs during an event like a hurricane evacuation, when all traffic lanes move toward inland safety and away from the Gulf Coast.Check out this diagram, or go to these websites to see different evacuation routes: of this site

Discussions Questions

    1. On page 28,  Zane leaves the car to get Bandy. What would you do if you were Zane and your dog jumped out of the car? Would you go after him? Why or why not?

    2. On page 31, as Zane is trying to catch Bandy he says “The truth is, I’m doing a really bad thing. I know it too.” Have you ever felt that way?

    3. On page 33, Zane is so hungry he eats cold beef stew from a can. Have you ever had to eat food that wasn't prepared the way it was supposed to be served either when you lost power or were camping?




  • How would you feel if you were confined in a car with basically no way out? You can’t turn around, you can’t open the doors and you are barely moving forward.  Try taping out an area in your room and put chairs in place for the car seats of the van. Imagine riding in this space with no air conditioning for hours with no way to stop the car.
  • Play Disaster Bingo! Use the Disaster Bingo grid and the Disaster Bingo Preparedness checklist to see who really knows how to pack for disaster!