One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 64 – “The light is fading…”

  • End: page 74 —“…slanting through the curtains."


Information for this Section:

Cell phone use was a big issue during Katrina, and continues to be during other natural disasters. You can use the cell phone articles (how they work and cellphone disruption) and information to talk about how they work, and why they didn't work during Katrina if you haven't already discussed this topic.  

The term "jazz funeral" is a common name for a funeral tradition with music which developed in New Orleans. This article provides more background on the tradition.  

Discussions Questions

    1. On page 72, Tru mentions that the police are not around, and perhaps don't care to enter "this particular neighborhood." What do you think he is inferring? What type of neighborhood is it? 

    2. Have you ever been traveling some place and were unable to use your cellphone to call someone, how did you feel?

    3. Use clues from the book to decide which city Will, Henry and Beanpole are walking through. Do the twin tower cathedral, the metro, and the river running through the city remind us of Paris?


  • On page 65, Zane eats canned spaghetti right from the can. Open a can of spaghetti or other food product that you would normally heat before eating.Try some cold canned spaghetti or at least look at it! Or let students try a recipe from our recipe suggestions.


  • Take a look at the Trudell and Malvina talk about how different they sound from Zane. If you want to hear what a New Orleans accent sounds like, and learn about how the accent came to be, check out this NPR article. If you haven't already explored the New Orleans accent you can do that here.