One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 75 – “After breakfast--saltine crackers and peanut…”

  • End: page 86 – “...We on our own.”


Information for this Section:

  • The mass of writhing snakes in the water give Zane, Trudell and Malvina a big scare. The Cottonmouth (also know as water moccasins), are North America's only venomous water snake, has a distinctive blocky, triangular head; a thick body; and a dangerous bite. Water moccasins rarely bite humans, however, and only attack when threatened. They are semiaquatic, so they're happy both swimming in water. Find out more about Cottonmouth snakes here.
  • Malvina and Tru are wishing they had something nice to eat, and they mention a “Sno-Ball”! This is a famous New Orleans treat consisting of shaved ice with flavored syrups. It’s different from a snowcone or Italian ice in that it is fluffier due to the shaved ice. Check out this short article oin Wikipedia on the differences.
  • Not only did New Orleans flood during the storm, but it remained flooded for an extensive period of time. Look at this flooding map two weeks after the storm had passed.

Discussions Questions

    1. On page 75, Tru says: “This a “might-be” world we livin’ in dawlin’. That just the way it be.” What do you think Tru means by this?.

    2. On page 76, the three see other survivors but do not stop to help. Tru says “Cant play no hero game”, he explains warily. “Got all we can do to rescue ourselves.” What do you think he means? What if everyone felt that way?


  • As the three characters learn about each other and talk about how different they sound, they are learning about each other. Listening to the way someone talks is a very interesting way to learn about culture and character. Justin Wilson is a famous Cajun chef, known for his interesting style and truly unique Cajun recipes (he has some interesting stories to tell!). Check out this youtube video as he prepares a classic New Orleans dish.


  • Malvina tells a lot of jokes! Click here for a list of the jokes she tells in the story. Do you ever try to deal with stressful situations with laughter? It’s a pretty common reaction. Read more about the power of laughter. Then look at the effects of laughter and try some laughter yoga activities yourself!