One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 159 – “In the waiting area.…”

  • End: page 171 – “…the one and only Zane Dupree.”


Information for this Section:

  •  Hurricane Katrinia was the costliest storm in U.S. history. The storm cost $108 billion in damage.

Discussions Questions

  1. When Zane describes himself on the bridge, he says he’s many things. Can you comment on what it means to give yourself more than one descriptive label?
  2.  On page 170, what do you think Zane means when he says “You wouldn’t think that tragedy can be turned into comedy, but it can.”?
  3.  When you finish reading, are there any differences in how you think about family now, from before you read this story?



  • Remind students there are other books by this author.
  • Hurricane Katrina displaced over one million Louisiana residents -- an estimated 277,000 did not come back to resettle. View this Interactive map that shows where people were relocated.
  • bug-out bag is a portable kit that contains items to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster, have students participate in this interactive activity to create a bag.
  • Here is a survey about this year's OSOR (click here). You may either complete this as a group or students may complete it individually. Please return surveys to the LMC.