One School, One Read

  • Begin: page 148 – “We are not the only ones…”

  • End: page 159 – “…waiting could be so hard.”


Information for this Section:

  • See a picture of a camelback house. It's interesting to note that the New Orleans housing taxation structure contributed to the design of the shotgun house. The shotgun utilized a narrow face as property taxes were based on lot frontage. To add more living space and subvert the taxing system, the Camelback was created. A Camelback house, also called Humpback, is a variation of the shotgun that includes a partial second floor over the rear of the home. The floor plan and construction is very similar to the traditional shotgun house, with the exception of stairs in the back room leading up to the second floor. The second floor, or "hump", contains one to four rooms. Because it was only a partial second story, it was originally taxed as a single-story house. This was a key reason for their construction. The tax system was later revised and shifted to the number of rooms, which equalized the taxation per square footage within a property. Consequently, neither design contains closets or hallways, which were counted as rooms. Chest of drawers and armoires were the means to store clothing.

Discussions Questions

    1. On page 151-,Zane observes that the cars going by are jammed full of passengers, and he thinks that might be why no one is giving them a ride. Then he says “At least that’s what I tell myself.” What do you think he might be feeling?
    2. Also on page151, Why do you think the road into the surrounding areas of New Orleans would be closed?



    • Try solving this logic puzzle helping relief workers evacuate New Orleans.
    • On page 149, Tru says “ Zane, young man, do you see how the river curves? That why they call us ‘The Crescent City,’ ‘cause the Mississippi River makes a bend in the shape of a crescent, and inside that crescent, that New Awlins. River curve along like you see, then head north for a little ways, then turn all the way south."  Watch a video on the importance of the Mississippi River.
    • On page 158, Belinda tells Zane that Bandy has gone into shock: Check out this website with information on how to treat a dog in shock and watch a video of a veterinarian demonstrating how to care for a dog in shock.