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Mrs. Eileen Melody, School Counselor for 7th & 8th Graders  429-9341

Mrs. Kristina Lee, School Counselor for 5th & 6th Graders  429-9341 ext. 7225

email: leek@mansfieldct.org 





 Encouraging the Development of the Whole Student”

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School counselors work with students to practices ways of managing stress and anxiety through mindfulness.  Two techniques that Mrs. Melody and Mrs. Lee share with students are ZENTANGLING and ANCHORING STRATEGIES.   

The UNITY CLUB is a new club to provide a fun, safe, and supportive place for all students.  Click here to learn about our hopes and mission!
  • College and Career Readiness Day 2017 is Wednesday, November 22nd.  Look here for updates as we draw closer to CCRD 2017!                                   

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As students progress from one grade to the next, as school counselors we move with them, providing the continuity necessary to learn about the students and their parents during the four years spent at MMS.

Our goal is to help all students use their middle school years as a significant personal learning time. We enjoy working with students, parents, and teachers and utilizing our community resources in order to accomplish our ultimate goal of having students experience success.

Special Programs/Opportunities 

College and Career Readiness Day 

Click on this link to learn more about MMS' Annual Career Day


Students needing extra help are recommended by teachers to participate in our mentoring/tutoring program. Students from the University of CT visit the school during X-block to work with our students. This is a semester program, offered both Fall and Spring, with the students meeting once a week.  Pictured below are UCONN Mentors in Mrs. Dickinson's 5th grade with a THANK YOU cake created by Mrs. Dickinson herself.


Youth Employment Program - click here for more information 

The Youth Employment Program is a year-long program which promotes student responsibility and accountability through employment during X Block.  Because academic success is priority, students may work for ONLY one X Block per week, 50 minutes, earning $2.00 per week.  

Students who need to complete their schoolwork will be required to do so before fulfilling their weekly youth employment commitment.

Students complete an application/contract (click here for application) which they pick up at the School Counselors' Offices, Rooms 109/110.  Students find teachers who are willing to be their employers.  Students are responsible to report to their employers on time, to perform their duties in a thorough and careful way, and to submit a time card to the school counseling offices by the end of X block on Monday.

Payday is Thursday!





 Small Steps Towards Big Success - Helping your Child Succeed in School- Some suggestions for parents
  • Share Your Expectations- Make sure that your child knows you have these expectations: attend school every day, be on time, follow school rules, be respectful to staff and peers, complete all assignments, take responsibility for behavior and grades, use technology responsibly, let you know when there is a problem.
  • Set Academic Goals:  Goals provide students with focus and direction. At the beginning of each quarter, help your child set realistic academic goals.  Use the Powerschool Parent Portal weekly to review your child's progress with him/her.
  • Be Involved:  Studies show that parental involvement makes a significant difference in a student's school success:  Know your child's teachers and attend MMS functions to get to know key school staff, talk to your child about what is happening at school and be a good listener
  • Provide your child with the tools for success:  a place to study that is quiet, well-lit and comfortable; notebooks, binders backpack, pencils, etc; a nightly routine to prepare materials and clothes for the next day
  •  Celebrate your child's effort and positive behavior: Recognizing that your child is trying his/her best sends the message that your love for your child is always present whether they attain the goal or they fall short of the goal.
  • Accept that your child will make mistakes:  Your child can learn from mistakes if, as parents, you let them experience a consequence to the mistake and guide them towards an understanding of a way to improve effort and behavior so that the mistake will not likely occur again.

Additional School-wide Information 

Homework: Teacher expectations for homework time commitment can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook. Counselors are available to families to help troubleshoot homework issues, which may include time management issues, home-school communication, and organization. Students can stay after school for homework help Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays with supervision in the computer lab (when there is not a staff meeting) and Thursdays. Check teacher’s web pages to get up to date assignments.  Students may also join Homework Club, where students are free to support one another as they work on school assignments.  This is supervised by a MMS staff member.

Absences:  Regular student attendance in school is essential to the educational process. Our state legislature strongly reaffirmed this principle by passing General Statutes Section 10-198b. With the passage of this legislation, school systems are now required to be much more aggressive in monitoring attendance and reporting students who are truant to an appropriate state agency. To help us carefully monitor attendance, we ask that you do the following:



 MMS Code of Conduct
All members of the Mansfield Middle School Community treat each other the way they like to be treated. All members are responsible for their actions and reactions, respect each other's personal space and property, and conduct themselves with honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. (Passed by MMS Student Council, June 1999)



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