German Exchange Club



 Important Documents




Aug 29th/potluck  Sept 9, Sept 16, Sept. 23 & Oct 28th.

Every TUESDAY to the end of June and the first 3 TUESDAYS in fall, then we travel!

Important FORMS: for reference only. Please use the ORIGINAL, COLOR-CODED forms that were distributed at the meeting.  Students must see advisors for replacement forms.

Parent/Student Agreement (gold)

Travel Abroad (llight pink)

Brief Medical (yellow)

Guidelines Med (yellow)

Emergency treatment (hot pink)

Emergency contact (gray)

Parent checklist with PAYMENT schedule(white)













 Teacher advisors: Doug Perkins & Donna Koropatkin

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to  a "series of unfortunate events" (:-), 7th grade Lit teacher and German Exchange co-advisor will not be able to join the excursion as planned. Two broken toes trump all plans! However, 6th grade teacher, Sherry Andrews has graciously agreed to chaperone the trip with Mr. Perkins.  So, all is well (despite two broken toes)!

UPDATE: PARENT/STUDENT Friday, August 29th, 6:00-8:00pm POTLUCK, at Mr. & Mrs. Perkins' home went exceedingly well!  Such a fun event!  The pool was full of soon-to-be world travelers, the plates were full of delicious treats, and our minds were full of excitement with the details of our upcoming adventure!

Look for an email reminders of the itinerary, packing list, and phone tree number requests (if needed).

Hallo! Welcome to the MMS German Exchange website!

Currently, our  twenty 7th and 8th grade MMS German Exchange Program participants are preparing for our upcoming journey to the Gymnasium in Sarstedt, Germany.  We will be leaving Saturday, Sept. 27th and returning (with mixed feelings, but more worldly and wise) on Saturday, Oct 18, 2014.  We are eager to meet our German friends in person, in their homes and towns, and to learn about the beautiful lands and rich cultural history of Germany.


Students are expected to set up a account to learn and practice their German daily!  It is also available as a download app for phones and other electronic devices.  The website will email daily reminders to practice!

STUDENTS:  You are responsible for all homework and classwork assigned during your German Exchange trip to Germany! Developing and maintaining good study habits now are critical to your success during and following your exchange in Germany.  Your education is the priority whether here or abroad!

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Koropatkin or Mr. Perkins if you have any questions.


German Exchange Club Meetings: Tuesdays beginning Sept. 9th until we travel, and  a final meeting Oct 28th!