MMSA Direct Giving Campaign

2014 – 2015


As the Parent or Guardian of a Mansfield Middle School Student, you are considered a member of the Mansfield Middle School Association (MMSA).


As our school’s PTO, the MMSA collects voluntary dues so we can provide financial support to our teachers, staff and students for various scholarships, activities, enrichment programs and materials for certain projects. In addition to funding activities like the Closing Ceremony and class picnics, Teachers and Staff request monies from the MMSA each year for their programs and projects through a Grants process. We would like to be able to fully fund all of these requests but we are often only able to support around half of these grants due to shortages in our MMSA school fund. This is where you come in – in order to better support these requests AND keep the number of fundraisers down throughout the year, we’re asking families to give a small donation at the beginning of the year to help support these programs (donations are accepted throughout the school year as well).


This year the suggested donation is $10 - $20; please consider making whatever contribution fits your budget.


Please complete the bottom section of this form and keep the top portion for your records. Donations can be handed directly to the MMSA delegates on hand at any of the school events, brought to Open House during September, dropped off at the school office, sent in with your child to his/her homeroom or sent in the mail to:


Mansfield Middle School

attn: MMSA Membership Drive

205 Spring Hill Road

Storrs, CT 06268


Thank you


A Donation of $_________ was made to the MMSA by, Name: _______________________________________


Tax id# 06-1078789



MMSA Direct Giving Campaign Form

2014 - 2015


 Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________


 Student Name: _____________________________________________________________


 Grade: ___________________ Homeroom: __________________________________


Gift amount: ____________________


Thank you for your support!

Please make checks payable to: MMSA