Kid Safety

*  While the Internet has provided many wonderful educational and entertaining opportunities for our children, just as in the “real world”, they may meet many different kinds of people on the information highway.  Just as we teach our children safety rules about strangers they might meet outside the home, we need to teach how to be safe on the Internet.  Some excellent suggestions are given on the following websites:

For help in locating great sites for kids, try the American Library Association’s site:


*      Keep guns away from kids; it’s the law. 

*      For practical suggestions about gun safety with children, visit:


*  Protect your child in the car.  Follow the guidelines of the Connecticut Safe Kids Program developed by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center:

1.       Use rear-facing child seats for children from birth to at least 20 pounds and at least one year of age.

2.     Use forward-facing child seats for children over 20 pounds and at least one year old to about 40 pounds and about age four.

3.     Because seat belts can seriously injure or kill small children who are not properly placed in child safety seats, use belt-positioning booster seats for children from about 40 pounds to 80 pounds and 4 feet 9 inches tall.

4.     Use seat belts for older children large enough for the belt to fit correctly; that is, at least 4 feet 9 inches tall and about 80 pounds.

See the's Car Safety Seat Guide at:


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