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Notary Public


The Mansfield Clerks are Notary Publics and can:

  • Notarize documents
  • Administer oaths

Documents being sent to certain countries may need the apostille or authentication of the Secretary of the State in addition to that of the Town Clerk.


$5.00 per notarization


In order for us to notarize a document, you must provide two forms of identification containing your signature, at least one of which is a state or federally issued and also contains a photograph or a physical description.  If an individual does not have satisfactory forms of identification, identity can be established by the oath or affirmation of a credible witness.

We are not authorized to notarize:

  • A conveyance of land or property
  • A living or general will
  • I9s
  • Birth, death or marriage certificates not on file in our office
  • Anything authenticating the originality of a document issued by an authority other than the Town of Mansfield (e.g. passport, driver license, etc.)
  • Anything, from anyone, who is not appearing before us in person

Please remember that we must observe the law and the legally required standard of "Reasonable Care" to protect all parties involved. Consequently, we do reserve the right to modify these services as necessary.