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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I contact the Housing Authority?

    The are located at 309 Maple Road, Mansfield, CT. Their number is 860.487.0693

  • Who provides rides for elderly?

    You may contact Dial-A-Ride (860.456.1462) or the Windham Regional Transit District (WRTD) (860.456.2221).

  • Who can I talk to about getting in-home care for an elderly family member?

    You can contact the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA East) (860.456.7288).

  • How do I contact the Visiting Nurse in the Mansfield area?

    Call the VNA East @ 456-7288.

  • Do you have a list of Assisted Living Mansfield area?

    You may find a list at Care Pathways; otherwise contact Infoline (211).

  • I'm having difficulty paying my utility/heating bill, who can I contact?

    Contact your utility provider and make payment arrangements. Or your local ACCESS agency during the heating season. In addition, you may contact Infoline (211).