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Licensed Early Care & Education and Home Care, Before & After School Programs

This directory is meant to be used by anyone looking for State-licensed early care and education, home care or before- and after-school programs in Mansfield. Program directors who agreed to participate in this project provided information about their programs to Early Childhood Services, who compiled the directory. Arrangement is by type of child care program - Early Care & Education Programs, Home Care and Before and After School Programs - and then alphabetically by name of program or provider.

The information about each program is descriptive only, and not to be interpreted as an endorsement of or recommendation by the Town of Mansfield Department of Human Services or the Mansfield School Readiness Council. Every effort has been made to secure information that is accurate as of July 2013.


To find out about available child care space, call INFOLINE 1-800-505-1000. This information is updated monthly.

Care Providers (updated July 2013)

Long Form Directory (pdf format)
Short Form Directory (pdf format only)

Full-Day Kindergarten