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Kindergarten Research

Surveys and Studies

The following reports are intended to provide a thorough picture on the research done on full-day and half-day kindergarten as of 2005 when the Mansfield Public Schools began implementation of full-day kindergarten.

The first report is a summary of the research and review of the literature on this topic done by James Barnes, ENS Planning at the University of Connecticut. The eight-page review of the literature includes two pages of endnotes and bibliography.

The second report is a longitudinal study of kindergarten classes in 1998-99 in the U.S., Jill Walston, Education Statistics Services Institute and Jerry West, National Center did the report for Education Statistics. It is posted on the National Center for Educational Statistics. It is called: "Full-Day and Half-day Kindergarten in the United States: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99".

The last report is the final report on the Mansfield Town-Wide Survey done between late April 2004 and June, 2004. This survey was designed and analyzed by Dr. Kenneth Dautrich, Director of the University of Connecticut Center for Survey Research and Analysis. Dr. Dautrich presented his report to the Mansfield Board of Education. Click here to see the actual result percentages of the survey. (pdf document)