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Business Partnership Membership Program

Is your workplace already a partner?

  • Town of Mansfield (Town, Board of Education & Region 19 full-time and permanent part-time staff)
  • Town of Mansfield Police
  • Town of Mansfield Career Firefighters
  • UCPEA Union Members
  • AFSME Union Members
  • AAUP Union Members
  • UConn Police Department
  • UConn Fire Department
  • The UConn Foundation
  • UConn Alumni Association Employees
  • UConn Dining Services Employees
  • Windham Hospital
  • Windham Hospital Cardiac Rehab Patients
  • Geno's Grill
  • Home Selling Team LLC
  • General Cable
  • VNA East
  • The Oaks on the Square Residents
  • Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehab
  • Big Y/ABC Group
  • Dog Lane Cafe
  • Science Engineering Associates, Inc
  • Mansfield OB/GYN Associates, Inc
  • United Services, Inc
  • Computer Rescue, Inc
  • Kevin White Insurance
  • Natchaug Hospital
  • Mansfield Family Practice
  • Charter Oak Environmental Services

If your employer is listed above, please inquire about your discount through your employer, at the Reception Desk or by calling 860.429.3015, ext. 0.

If your employer is not a current Business Partner, we would be happy to help them become one. Email Lizzy Parent, Member Services Coordinator, for additional information.

The Facility

The Mansfield Community Center is a unique and exciting place for everyone. Since opening in late 2003, the Mansfield Community Center has been the primary resource for health, wellness and fitness in the area. Our aquatic center (six-lane lap pool and warm water therapy pool), multi-use gymnasium, indoor walking/jogging track, and full service fitness center with the latest cardiovascular and strength equipment have provided area residents with the opportunity to exercise and improve their health. The Center also offers a wide variety of popular exercise classes including yoga, spinning and aerobics as well as dozens of other programs. In addition, the Center has a childcare room, community room, and a teen center equipped with a pool table, foosball, air hockey and ping pong tables, making the Mansfield Community Center a unique and exciting place for everyone.

The Business Partnership Program

The Town of Mansfield seeks to work with local employers to develop good, cooperative relationships that will provide benefits to both the town and local businesses. The Business Partnership Program offers local businesses the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Town of Mansfield in promoting healthy, fit and active lifestyles for their employees. As part of the agreement, business partners will allow the Town of Mansfield to promote and offer Community Center memberships to their employees. In return, the Community Center will offer discounts on annual memberships and additional incentives to the Business Partner and its employees.


All local businesses that employ two or more full-time employees are eligible for the Business Partnership Program. Eligible employees must be currently employed by the employer. Membership discounts are valid on annual memberships only.

The Working Relationship

Companies that become Business Partners will allow the Town to promote and offer Community Center memberships to their employees. For the duration of the Business Partner’s formal agreement with the Town, employees of the Business Partner will receive discounts on their annual memberships to the Mansfield Community Center.

A working agreement will be drafted and agreed upon by both the Business Partner and the Town prior to the promotion and discount being initiated. Either the Town or the Business Partner can terminate the working agreement with 60 days written notice.

Businesses will be responsible for maintaining a high level of personal and business integrity and will be held fully responsible for any harm that comes to the Town through their misuse of the public trust or their diminishment through personal or business actions.

The Benefits for Business Partners

Currently two thirds of the adult population of the United States is overweight or obese. Studies have shown that this dramatically increases the cost of health care and workers’ compensation claims. Indirect costs, including unscheduled absenteeism, decreased productivity and employee turnover can also raise the expenses for an employer.

The results of a commitment to an employee wellness program can include a reduction in health care costs, decrease in short term sick leave, drop in workers’ compensation and disability costs, and enhanced recruitment and retention for employees. Studies show that employee wellness programs lead to increased morale and productivity, higher job satisfaction levels, and happier employees.

As an additional benefit, Business Partners who successfully encourage at least 10 employees to commit to a healthy and active lifestyle by purchasing a Mansfield Community Center membership will receive a complimentary annual membership for one individual. This free membership may be used by the employer or may be given to an employee. For every additional 10 employees who purchase an annual membership, the Business Partner will receive another complimentary individual membership.

The Benefits for Employees

Base Business Partner discount: After signing an agreement with the Town, all employees who retain benefits through the Business Partner will receive 10% off current annual membership rates. This discount is offered at no cost to the Business Partner.

Bonus Business Partner discount: Employees receive the 10% base discount; however, the Business Partner can secure additional savings for employees by making an annual contribution, the amount of which is determined by the size of the employee base. The employees of a Bonus Business Partner would then be eligible to pay resident rates for their annual membership, regardless of what town they reside in. The amounts for annual contributions are as follows:

  • Full-time employee base of 100 or more: $1000 annual contribution
  • Full-time employee base of 75-99: $750 annual contribution
  • Full-time employee base of 50-74: $500 annual contribution
  • Full-time employee base of 25-49: $250 annual contribution
  • Full-time employee base of 2-24: $100 annual contribution

Additional Business Partner discount: Employees receive the 10% base discount, but Business Partners can opt to pay for 25%, 50% or 100% of their employees’ annual memberships for additional savings. Business Partners who choose this option will secure an additional savings on their employees’ annual membership fees, and both the Business Partner and employee will benefit from this discount. Additional discounts are as listed below:

  • 25% employer cost-share: additional 5% discount, total discount of 15%
  • 50% employer cost-share: additional 10% discount, total discount of 20%
  • 100% employer cost share: additional 15% discount, total discount of 25%

Business Partners can also choose this option to complement the Bonus discount for even more savings.

Additional Benefits for the Business Partner

The Community Center, in addition to providing the discounts outlined above for both the Business Partner and its employees, may choose to:

  • Offer a free trial day for employees of the Business Partner to use the Center.
  • Offer a mini health fair at the Business Partner’s business location to promote health and wellness and highlight the opportunities available at the Center.
  • Offer occasional outreach programs at the Business Partner’s location to introduce programming opportunities to the employees.
  • Offer an enrollment day at the Business Partner’s location to make it convenient for the employee to obtain information and sign up for a membership.
  • Offer a free two-week pass to the Business Partner’s employees who express interest in membership.

Additional Options for the Business Partner

The Business Partner, in addition to providing access to its employee base for promotion of Community Center membership and encouraging its employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and stay active through a Community Center membership, may choose to:

  • Offer payroll deduction to its employees as a means to make membership payments convenient.
  • Make a name for itself in the Center by donating funds for a specific room, space or piece of equipment
  • Obtain permanent recognition as a supporter of the Center by becoming a Charter Member by making a donation.
  • Sponsor a special event at the Center.

Good Partners

The success of the Business Partnership will depend on the cooperation and initiatives that our partners will create and support. The Town will actively seek out meaningful benefits to the business and its employees, creating a logical connection with the Community Center and the many healthy opportunities that exist within the facility and its programs.

For More Information

We look forward to working with you and your employees. If you wish to speak with someone regarding the Business Partnership Program, please contact Lizzy Parent, Member Services Coordinator, at (860)429-3015 x6112 or

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