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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the hours of the dump, also known as the landfill or transfer station?
Tuesday and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Closed on holidays.


How do I file a claim against the Town for damage to my car (example: cracked windshield)?
Any and all claims for damages to vehicles occurring on Town Roads should be filed in writing with the Town Manager's Office. Please include the date, time, condition giving rise to the claim and an estimate of the damage incurred. The Town's insurance agency will be notified and you will be contacted by an agent investigating the claim.

How do I report a traffic problem?
Traffic problems are also reviewed by the Mansfield Traffic Authority. Submit them to either the Town Manager's Office or the Public Works Department who will forward them to the Traffic Authority for investigation. In some cases signs and or road changes are recommended.

How do I report a pothole, knocked-over guidepost, wash-out, etc. on the Town Roads?
Call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676 between 7am and 3 pm M-F.

How do I report a drainage problem on the Town Roads?
Start by notifying the Town Garage at 860.429.3676. In complicated cases, the Engineering office (860.429.3331) will also become involved.

Mowing and Vegetation

How can I keep the Town's roadside mowing machine from mowing down the plants/ shrubs I have planted in front of my house?
The Town mows all roadsides a couple of times each year. Usually press releases are sent to the papers before each section of Town is mowed. Call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676 to notify us of the area that should either be protected or not mowed. We will let the mower operator know of your request so that he/she can use great care in this area.

How can I get a hazardous or dead tree removed from along the Town road?
Trees along the Town's right of way are property of the Town and in a sense are the Town's responsibility. If one of them becomes hazardous to the public (dead, dying, leaning towards the road, dropping limbs on the road, etc.) the Town will prune it or remove it. Often times the electric company will remove these trees for the Town as they generally present a hazard to the electric wires in the area as well.

Before any Town tree greater than eight inches in diameter is removed, it must be posted with a "notice of tree removal" sign. Any person objecting to the tree's removal can express their objections and in some cases a public hearing is held by the Town's Tree Warden, who then decides if the tree goes or stays. Town trees can also be removed for "private" purposes such as driveway sightlines, hazards to homes and yards, etc. The same posting and notification rules apply to all Town trees, although trees to be removed for private purposes are generally not removed at Town expense.

To have a tree looked at to determine if it is a Town tree and hazardous, call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676. We will determine where the street lines are and if it is a hazardous tree authorize its removal.


How do I get a damaged or missing sign replaced?
Call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676 to report the damage or missing sign.

How do I request a new sign?
New traffic signs are approved by the Mansfield Traffic Authority, a group including the Town Manager, Resident State Trooper, Director of Public Works, Assistant Town Engineer, Town Planner and the Fire Marshall which meets monthly. Make a written request to the Town Manager explaining where and why the sign(s) is needed. The Traffic Authority will investigate the need and respond to your request. (Before you ask, the T.A. does not approve new stop signs to control speed -- this has been shown to be ineffective and only breeds disrespect for all stop signs.)

Street/Signal Lights

How do I report a street light that is out?
Most of the streetlights in Mansfield are supplied by Eversource. Call either Eversource in Willimantic or the Mansfield Town Garage (860.429.3676) to report a streetlight on a Town road that is not working properly.

How do I request a new streetlight?
The Town only pays for streetlights at intersections and dangerous road locations. It does not pay for streetlights on cul-de-sacs and other "routine" road locations. To request a streetlight at a Town Road intersection or a dangerous Town Road location, call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676 or the Public Works Office at 860.429.3331. For all other locations, contact Eversource for prices for "renting" streetlights from them.

How do I report a signal malfunction?
All the signals in Mansfield are maintained by the State DOT. To report a malfunction you can either call the Town Garage at 860.429.3676 and we will call the State DOT to report it or call the State Police who will also forward the call to the signal maintenance unit.