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Our Philosophy and Mission

At Mansfield Discovery Depot our mission is to help each young child get a strong foundation for learning and growth by responding to their individual needs and interests. We are committed to providing consistent, nurturing care in a warm and predictable environment. 


Our ethical responsibility to children and families is to create and maintain safe, healthy settings that foster children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development while respecting their dignity and their contributions.  We will work to establish mutual trust and create partnerships with all families served.  We will work collaboratively with families and the community to ensure that children are provided with optimal learning experiences. 


Our educational philosophy is that children will develop and learn to see themselves as active explorers and questioners of their environment where they are able to practice the personal and social skills necessary to develop friendships and acquire an attitude of respect for differences among people as well as celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity.  Children will develop a love of learning through the language and literacy rich environment of each classroom, learning the art of conversation and how to communicate through speaking, signing, drawing and writing.