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Food Program

Our food program participates in CACFP-Child and Adult Care Food Program.   Included in your tuition is breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Our nutritionally balanced meals are prepared in our full-service kitchen by an experienced cook who recognizes young childrens' food preferences and eating habits. Meals are social times and conversation is encouraged. **PLEASE NOTE-

Mansfield Discovery Depot provides a

“NUT-FREE” Food Program

As a licensed, accredited childcare facility, we need to be sure that the food we serve to children is safe for them.  All food prepared in our kitchen will be free of nuts or traces of nuts.


Any food brought into the Center must be “nut-free”.  In order to assure the safety of the food, we ask that all ‘special treats' that come into our center be whole food or store bought and have the FDA ingredient label attached.

Families who are not on our food program and/or provide substitute components are asked to provide their children with “nut free” meals and snacks.