Town of Mansfield, CT

Final - Municipal Development Plan (August 25, 2005)

Storrs Center - Mansfield, Connecticut

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Inc.
1244 Storrs Road
PO Box 513
Storrs, CT 06268

Storrs Center Alliance, LLC
LeylandAlliance, LLC
16 Sterling Lake Road
Tuxedo, New York 10987

August 25, 2005

The entire document is very large and would take a very long time to download, so it has been broken down into managable parts. Please refer to this list to download them: 

Municipal Development Plan (Full Document)

A. Executive Summary

B.  Environmental Conditions

C.  Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) Documentation and Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE)

D.  Marketability Study

E.  Project Area Boundary Survey Map and Legal Description

F.  Topography

G.  Present Conditions and Uses of Land within the Project Area

H.  Existing Streets, Sidewalks, Water and Sewerage Systems, Drainage Systems and Other Utilities

I.  Types and Locations of Proposed Land Uses

J.  Proposed Streets, Sidewalks, Water and Sewerage Systems, Drainage Systems and Other Utilities

K.  Existing and Proposed Zoning and Subdivision Status of the Project Area

L.  Test Borings and Soil Analysis

M.  Property Acquisition

N.  Property Disposition

O.  Appraisals

P.  Title Searches

Q.  Financing Plan

R.  Administrative Plan

S.  Storrs Center Relocation Plan

T.  Statement of Number of Jobs Anticipated to be Created and Number and Types of Housing Units Available to Employees

U.  Findings

V.  Project Plans to Remain in Effect

W.  Statement of Minority Participation

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