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Mansfield Advisory Committee on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities

The Committee on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities was founded in 1976 and became an official town committee in 1982.  Originally named the Advisory Committee on the Physically and Sensorily Impaired, this group has primarily focused on issues related to access for persons with disabilities. The Committee has been instrumental in improving conditions related to accessibility and inclusion for all residents of Mansfield.  Efforts have included reviewing construction plans submitted to the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, providing support for an accessibility study for town-owned buildings, and advocating around transportation issues.  For the purposes of this committee we focus on all types of disabilities including physical, developmental and psychological.  

In recent years this committee has begun to focus more on the issue of community inclusion. “Community inclusion is the opportunity for all citizens to become involved and valued members of the community in which they live.   Community inclusion is as important for people with disabilities as it is for the rest of the citizens of a community, as people with disabilities share the right of all citizens to participate in all aspects of community life.  An inclusive community is one that minimizes or eliminates barriers to full participation.  Persons with disabilities may need additional supports from the community in advising them about what is available and accessible within their community. They also need the opportunity to experience different places, use services, pursue interests and meet people who will assist them to be valued and welcomed members of their community.”


The committee meets at 2:30 on the fourth Tuesday of the month from September through June at the Town Hall, and meetings are open to the public.  For more information please contact the Department of Human Services at 429-3315.


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