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In October 2005 the Mansfield Town Council endorsed the Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement 

On July 11, 2005, the Mansfield Town Council adopted a clean energy resolution committing to purchase clean, renewable energy that offset 20% of the municipality's electrical use.  For its success, Mansfield has been recognized as a "Connecticut Clean Energy Community" by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

Since 2005 over 400 Mansfield households, small businesses or organizations have selected clean energy through the CTCleanEnergyOptionssm program earning the Town seven kilowatts of photovoltaic panels from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

E. O. Smith High School was selected as the municipal building for the placement of these panels.

In 2008 an 83 kilowatt solar array was placed on the Mansfield Community Center's roof.  Through a lease agreement with Sun Edison, the photovoltaic system is owned and maintained by Sun Edison and the Town purchases the clean energy at a reduced rate.  The photovoltaic system supplies the building with a third of its electricity.

On December 20, 2010, four Mansfield municipal buildings - the Mansfield Library, Mansfield Senior Center, Fire Station #107 (on Route 32) and Fire Station #307 (on Route 195 by the Alnaveigh Restaurant) - began producing electricity from the small solar installations on their roofs.  Through an agreement with DCS Energy, the solar arrays were free as well as the electrical power generated from the panels.  Because of state and federal funding, DCS Energy was able to make these arrangements with the Town.

Energy Conservation

The Mansfield Energy Education Team was formed in November 2005 with the purpose of helping the Town to fulfill its 20% renewable energy by 2010 commitment.  The primary focus was to get residents to sign up for the CTCleanEnergyOptionssm  program.  This focus has expanded to promote energy conservation by offering workshops on making homes energy efficient, Kill-A-Watt meters to resident, a reduction in price for the home energy audit program, called Home Energy Solutions, and a $500 Mansfield Energy Challenge.Through a Department of Energy Grant, the Town participated in a Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge along with 13 other Connecticut towns.

The Community Center was built with energy efficiency and conservation features that include passive solar heating and lighting, a heat recovery system for the pool and a pool cover.

The maintenance department has taken action by hiring Seimen's Corp. to conduct energy audits on the Town buildings and by phasing in energy efficient equipment as old equipment wears out.