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Sustainable Development

The Mansfield Downtown Partnership, working closely with the Town’s Recycling

Coordinator, Planning Director, LeylandAlliance, and Steven Winter Associates, developed a

set of Sustainability Guidelines for the Storrs Center project. These comprehensive guidelines

will direct all aspects of the development, from pre-construction through usage, to

create an environmentally sensitive and sustainable downtown. The work on the

Sustainability Guidelines has garnered the project and the Partnership special recognition

throughout the state; in November 2008, 1,000 Friends of CT recognized Storrs Center as

an exemplary Smart Growth project.


Sustainability takes into account the rights of future generations to raw materials and vital ecosystems. From an sustainable economic development perspective, modes of transportation, proximity of living spaces to work places, the impact structures have on the surrounding environment – in terms of storm water, waste water, solid waste, light pollution, site disturbance, water consumption, energy use and the type of energy supplied - are factored into the decision making process. Sustainability considers the types of materials used in the built environment - reused, renewable, locally manufactured, recycled content, free of off-gasing toxins - and whether structures support the health and well-being of its occupants by ensuring clean indoor air and access to daylight and views:

The Mansfield Planning and Zoning Regulations have included some of these considerations:


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