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Get to Know Mansfield Businesses



As a college town, Mansfield has a diverse array of businesses and entrepreneurs.  Celebrating their milestones and success stories is one way in which we work to foster a business-friendly environment. 

If you know of a business that is celebrating a milestone or other achievement, let us know!



In a world of lactose-free and glucose-intolerant diets, one Mansfield farm stands tall in support of a dairy-full lifestyle. Mountain Dairy has been serving up great tasting milk and cream at local, consumer-friendly prices for nearly 150 years.

In 1772, the Stearns Family settled in Mansfield and immediately established a farm to raise mulberries for the town’s silk industry. A decade later in 1871, as the family farm transitioned to the dairy business, Jared Stearns began bottling and selling milk to the local community. Before long, demand for the delicious, locally produced dairy products grew, as did Mountain Dairy’s production capacity. They acquired all the equipment needed to pasteurize, homogenize, and bottle several blends of white milk, two blends of chocolate milk, and 3 blends of cream from their own cows. No large processor. No raw milk supplier. Mountain Dairy was totally self-sufficient in the production and marketing of its own milk.

Today, Mountain Dairy remains one of only some 30 licensed producer-handler dairy farms in the United States. They own hundreds of cows and produce over 10 million pounds of milk and cream annually, supplying manufacturers, super markets, schools, and restaurants- including UConn’s Dairy Bar.

Mountain Dairy’s mission of self-sufficiency and commitment to its own brand is unparalleled. Paul Brody, CEO of Mountain Dairy, describes the unique fully-integrated business as a craft dairy farm/producer- delivering the highest quality milk through a simple farm-to-bottle process all in their own backyard. Only through self-sufficiency can Brody and the Stearns Family guarantee the freshest, most purely processed milk for their consumers.

With over 350 acres of crop production, Mountain Dairy has every intention to expand its consumer base. When asked how, Paul assured that they will continue to rely on the values and belief-system that kept the Stearns Family Farm thriving through 10 generations of family members. The foundation to any successful operation starts with hard-working employees focused on and motivated by the company mission. From the first milking at 3:00 am to the departure of the last delivery truck of the day, Mountain Dairy’s 35 employees aspire for excellence, allowing Paul and the Stearns Family to treat each and every customer with the service and integrity they have grown to expect.

So next time you are at the grocery store, out to dinner, or enjoying a delicious ice cream sundae from the Dairy Bar, don’t forget to buy local. Reach for a brand you can trust, a brand you can rely on, and the only brand that can personally promise you the highest quality, freshest dairy each and every time- Mountain Dairy.

If you wish to learn more about the history of Mountain Dairy, their products, retail partners, or the Stearns Farm please visit http://www.mountaindairy.com/index.htm.